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Methodology Research

Date Posted: 12/03/2014
Application Deadline: 22/04/2014

More specifically, it includes:

• Research methods in disciplines underpining health research including: biomedical, behavioural and social science, experimental medicine, randomised trials, cohorts and other research designs investigating health, healthcare, health services and health policy

  • for evaluative research
  • for non-evaluative research.

• Developing and evaluating relevant theory and models

• Methods for effective regulation (including indices for decision making), approval, adaptation and reporting of new interventions (including behaviour).

• Research methods for valid measures of health, e.g. health outcomes, exposure and risk (including behaviour, cognition and emotion) and well being.

The research portfolio will cover the following disciplines

  • 1. Health economics and decision science
  • 2. Biostatistics and mathematical modelling
  • 3. Bio and health informatics
  • 4. Epidemiology and public health (including geography)
  • 5. Behavioural sciences and health psychology
  • 6. Social Sciences (including sociology and anthropology)
  • 7. Organisational/management science
  • 8. Ethics and law

The MRC will not fund research aimed at technology development as part of methodology research, but it may support statistical approaches and research methods linked to new technology.

Researchers seeking funding for biomarker identification and validation should apply through the relevant research boards.

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